UTILS.Base is extended by every component and forms the basic set of shared methods




getObjectName object name (optional) var name = box.getObjectName();
getObjectVersion object version (optional) var version = box.getObjectVersion();
fns executes callbacks that were attached to a component this.fns('onButtonClicked');
addCallback attaches a callback to a component box.addCallback('onButtonClicked',function(){ /* do something */ });
getId id of the component instance (optional) var obj_id = box.getId();
setId sets id of the component (optional - defaults to UTILS.uuid()) box.setId('box-123');
getTarget gets the target element (jquery object) var $target = box.getTarget();
setTarget sets the target element ([selector] or jquery object) box.setTarget('#box');
getAjaxData returns an object with 4 keys:
  • url
  • method
  • type
  • params
  • content-type
var ajax_data = this.getAjaxData(); ajax_data.url //=> some url ajax_data.type //=> POST/GET (defaults to POST) ajax_data.method //=> method to call (optional) ajax_data.params //=> extra params to be passed in ajax call ajax_data.content_type //=> content-type header set for the ajax call
setAjaxData sets the options box.setAjaxData({ url: 'some url', method: 'getAccessCode', params: { id: 5, name: 'Jack Bauer' }, content_type: 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded' });
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