Each component extends UTILS.Base to inherit the base properties


Collection of useful functions for any progressive environment. Additionally it extends jQuery, lodash, object prototype, corrects parseInt, etc...


Offers many extra features & capabilities over the default Bootstrap modal


When data is loaded ( via ajax or CPU-intense processing ) we need to let the user know that something is happening.


Sometimes objects need to be blurred to put other objects into focus, or to disable functionality


In-place editing for various form elements such as

  • input
  • select
  • textarea
  • checkbox
  • radio


Delays certain processes while letting the user know when it will resume again.


Uses HINT.CSS (pure CSS tooltip library) to bring its features to JS. It makes use of data-* attribute, pseudo elements, content property and CSS3 transitions to create the tooltips.


Even though bootstrap has a popover, this plugin tightly incorporates it into the utils scope, and in addition offers extra features


When it comes to loading JS/CSS files smartly, this component offers a unique way to utilze local storage api to optimize page performance to load the components from browser cache. For most efficiency it can be combined with any build tool such as Webpack or Grunt


This provides the ability to display validation errors on form elements or/and general application errors


When data is sent from the user's browser to the server there is always a way to steal that data. One way to reduce that risk is to encrypt the data with a one-way encryption such as MD5 or SHA and match it up later.


Sometimes a layout needs a re-arrangement, or a dashboard needs some more important reports to be moved to the top...that's when utils.grid.js comes into play


An easy way to map an address or create a static map with custom markers, address points, etc...




A simple way to select a date range (days, months, years).


An easy way to add auto-complete to an input or a contenteditable field.

Brief information about the creator

Hi, I am Art. I am a fullstack engineer at DotHash. I have been working on the web professionally since 2000, and unprofessionally since 1998 when I made my first web page.

My favorite programming languages are Lucee ( ColdFusion/Java ), JavaScript, and Node. Of course, in my projects I tinker with all kinds of languages/tools and absolutely love it.

This site is a place where I can share my ideas/work and hopefully benefit anyone who is interested. Utils.js is a collection of different plugins that arose out of a need for performance and extensibility. These plugins have been composed over several years. The main purpose was to develop light-weight components to replace already existing overblown plugins.

Each component extends UTILS.Base to inherit the base properties

MIT License

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